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 TFC Everywhere is complimentary (FREE) online access to TFC Canada IPTV Premium subscriber to watch their TFC premium subscription on a computer, laptop, Iphone*, Itouch* or Ipad* or Adroid devices*.  TFC Everwhere allows TFC Premium subscibers to access the same TFC content than can be accessed on the TFC Set-Top Box at the same time on another supported device (computer, laptop, Iphone*, Itouch* or Ipad* or Adroid devices*) anywhere else where internet is available with a properly activated user account.  Take TFC Everywhere to the road with your Iphone** or Ipad* or Android Device* with WIFI (or data plan) or  just use it on as second TFC TV *** .

Get your TFC Premium now and Enjoy this new complimentary TFC Everywhere service!!! 



*requires to download an "" app

* will use cell or LTE data plan if not connected to WIFI (customer assumes responsibility of any cost associated with their data plan)

*** (Advance setup) laptops can be connected to regular TV using HDMI (no support provided)

*** (Advance setup) Fill up the form to our mailing list below and received access to our TFC Everywhere / eBook that we have written to our SECRET method of converting your Free TFC Everywhere (or account as IPTV Set Top Box for another TV. This could save you another $29.95/m subscription.


How to Activate TFC Everywhere (You must be a current TFC Premium subscriber)

  1. Log on to
  2. Complete Registration Form
  3. Provide STB Mac No. or TFC Customer Account Number
  4. Request for Activation Code & completes Activation Page
  5. Confirm & Accept Terms & Conditions
  6. Activate TFC Everywhere
  7. Enjoy!

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IMPORTANT Announcement !!!

 TFC Everywhere site or site is not working as of November 3, 2014 due to DNS technical issue.  It was remedied and most are now working however if yours is still NOT working please use this link below instead to access your or TFC Everywhere contents: 

Just to let you know that we do not have this problem with our TFC IPTV Box.  Please consider it in the future.  Please visit us again at